Osterfeldstraße 8, 16, 16a, 22529 Hamburg

Plot size total: approx. 250,000 sq ft

Osterfeldstraße, Hamburg

Osterfeldstraße – The crossover between Lokstedt and the Eppendorf district

Approaching from the west, along a main traffic artery, lies the “gateway” to the district of Eppendorf, Germany.

Initial design development options are currently being prepared for the transition zone between industrial and commercial areas, as well as the renowned, significant and sought-after residential neighbourhoods in Eppendorf. Essentially, they are based on their existing surroundings, one of the country’s most prominent and leading university hospitals, high-quality residential areas and not-too-distant locations for low-emission trade and commerce.

The development proposed for this site is of particular importance due to its special location, its significant urban design context and its contribution to creating an entrance to the Eppendorf districtwhilst paying due consideration towards any prospective developments along Osterfeldstrasse.

For this reason, the development on this site is not considered an individual measure. Rather, it’s more in line with a responsible approach to urban design that serves the interests of the city as a whole.

Criticism Exacerbates Risks
Eppendorfer Wochenblatt, June 29, 2016

The planned refugee housing at Osterfeldstrasse will not be built.

Express Housing Construction Stopped for Now
Hamburger Abendblatt, June 23, 2016

City and investor cannot agree on refugee settlement in Eppendorf.

No Refugees for Eppendorf
Die Welt, June 23, 2016

Following lengthy negotiations, the Hamburg-Nord district has cancelled the planned construction of refugee housing for 2,400 people at Osterfeldstrasse.

Refugee Housing in Eppendorf Cancellation Immanent
Die Welt, June 22, 2016

Why negotiations ultimately failed.

“We anticipate a need for three additional daycare centers”
Die Welt, February 28, 2016

Critics fear a ghettoization effect if 2,400 refugees move into the wealthy district of Hamburg-Eppendorf. The head of the local district office, Harald Rösler, emphasizes that the numbers are non-negotiable..

“As an Investor, one also has a responsibility"
Die Welt, February 27, 2016

2,400 refugees are to move into the wealthy neighborhood of Hamburg Eppendorf. Investor Hans-Werner Maas would rather build housing on the property than a gas station or car wash – despite the threats.