Nedderfeld 100

Nedderfeld 100, 22529 Hamburg

Plot size: approx. 390,000 sq ft
Building: approx. 270,000 sq ft (gross floor area)
Investment volume: approx. 26 million euros

Nedderfeld 100, Hamburg

The Gateway to Nedderfeld, Hamburg’s “Trade and Commerce Mile”

As one of Hamburg's "car miles", the Nedderfeld commercial thoroughfare is an an important and well used connecting road between Kollaustrasse und Tarpenbekstrasse, and framed by the districts of Eppendorf, Lokstedt and Gross Borstel.

At the eastern gateway to this city thoroughfare, on the approx. 430,500 sq ft property acquired in June 2012, Germany's largest OBI building supplies/home improvement superstore was built on a sub-area of approx. 215,000 sq ft. In February 2016 following nearly a year of construction, the property was handed over to the occupant on schedule.

The usable floor space measures approx. 140,000 sq ft; directly adjacent, the single level parking facility comprises 286 parking spaces. After only two months, the OBI superstore, which opened March 2016, is especially pleased because of its prominent location with a steadily growing customer influx. An internal evaluation by OBI has indicated that customer satisfaction in particular is above average.

On another sub-area of ​​approx. 48,400 sq ft, located directly on Nedderfeld, the Reifen Helm tire service company will re-locate its corporate headquarters and open a new flagship store. Construction began in spring 2016 and, according to current planning, the new venue will be ready for operation in Q1 2017.

Hamburg, October 2017